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PEI has an alpine ski hill. With three lifts. Who knew?

On the advice of a fellow rider, I hauled over to the Brookvale Provincial Ski Park. Despite my smug image of myself as a Person With a Fantastic Sense of Direction, I managed to completely misplace myself in the nordic ski park while I was searching for the service road that would lead me to McKenna Rd and the loop I was intending to ride.  A phone with Google Maps and a GPS is a very good piece of technology to have.

Getting lost is often not a bad thing at all, and today was no exception. For the first time in all the forty-some years that I have been coming here, I found Lady Slippers.


Our ride wound through spruce and tamarack woods, and deciduous woods with great big birch trees; through meadows and over brooks and past ponds; along red clay Heritage roads with trees creating a tunnel overhead; past lupins and wild roses in the ditches; along the crests of hills that overlooked rolling PEI farmland.

Ride pics: