I Have a Pink Horse

She’s pink because she’s a grey horse (my least favourite colour, remember?), and instead of getting green grass stains, here on PEI, she’s getting red mud stains. The white part of her mane was well and truly pink the other day when I went out to put her in for the night. Judging by how long it takes for PEI clay stains to fade on my clothing, I’m thinking she will be entirely pink soon if this wet weather doesn’t let up.

Pai is happily settled in her horse house on the point, living in the stall my Fred horse lived in twenty-five years ago. When fatty-pants is out in her wee little limited-grass paddock, I can see her from here at the cottage.

The MacKay house on the point

Yet another Room With a View

There used to be a training track for Standardbreds just behind the house, where I used to jog Fred when I was a teenager and was something like his groom; it’s gone now, but the perimeter of the hayfield where the track used to be makes a great place to go for a gallop.

What with fencing and re-fencing, and the changeable weather (yesterday: gorgeous, warm and sunny; today: raging wind, whitecaps on the water, driving rain), our rides have been limited to little jaunts along the shore.

I was taken aback when my plans to ride on the Confederation Trail – part of the Trans Canada Trail – were foiled by the trail’s ban on horses. For years before there was an official trail, equestrians would use the old rail bed for riding, but once the trail became a managed entity, the horses were turfed (scroll down to “A Trail Tragedy in PEI”). Safety and liability concerns are cited by government officials and tourism officers – apparently, PEI horses are waaaaay more dangerous than horses elsewhere in Canada. More dangerous than snowmobiles, even. Who knew. Even though committees give me hives, I think I need to join one of the local equine protest groups to engage in some serious agitating.

So I’ve been hunting for other trails to ride, and am hoping to explore some of them in the next few days. We’ll see what I find.





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