I Got a Fever

… and the only prescription is more trail ride.

Day 12

The tornado was a no-show. Pfft. We barely got a breeze.

Today was another dainty little driving day, a mere three and a half hours from Thunder Bay to Geraldton. Northern Ontario highways abound with signs displaying exhortations like, “Fatigue Kills. Take a Break,” and “Please Drive Carefully”, as well as helpful itemization of the fines for various speed categories. At first, I saw them as a sort of cheerful coaching on driving, but after being passed on double solid lines with a semi approaching (more than once, and each time less than 2 km from an upcoming safe passing lane), I began to see the signs as offering sort of gloomily pessimistic, sure-to-be-ignored suggestions. Oh, Bird. They never listen. Sigh. 

My early afternoon arrival at North Winds Farm allowed for some reorganization and trailer clean-up and a pear cider (copious amounts of which I was compelled to stock the rig with upon leaving Vancouver Island – it’s hard stuff to come by in the East) before heading out for a hack with my host Teri and her student Megan.

Besides the seven horses in residence, the farm is home to chickens, sheep, and piggies. These boys came running squealing to the gate every time I went down to Pai’s paddock, and then galloping away if I got too close. They were ridiculous.

While Pai got settled happily for the night in her paddock, Teri and Jason and their two little boys looked after me, inviting me up to the house for a shower and dinner with the family.

After three days of short (but definitely sweet!) sunny rides through the woods, I am (and I delude myself into thinking Pai is) keen for a nice long ride in the wild. We want terrain. We want distance. I got a fevah… and the only prescription… is more trail ride.

Scooter, after nearly being evicted from the camper (and life) last night for indiscriminate elimination, is once again allowed up on the bed. But he is on probation.

There’s a reason he’s AKA “Roadkill”



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